Silver Star Helicopters, LLC
Silver Star Helicopters can handle all your aerial needs!

Silver Star Helicopters, LLC is owned and operated by Kurt R. Ilse of El Campo, Texas.  He is a commercial helicopter pilot with many years of experience in farming, ranching and construction.  Kurt's extensive knowledge and background ensure that he has what it takes to safely and effectively accomplish your aerial needs.

Whether controlling hog populations, herding cattle, pollinating crops, or surveying land or animals, we as land and business owners, understand and appreciate the importance of doing a job responsibly and with integrity.  Safety is our primary goal and customer satisfaction is our mission.

Silver Star Helicopters offers a variety of commercial helicopter services to meet your needs.  We utilize the Robinson R22 and Robinson R44, which are designed to be light, simple and affordable.  We fly Robinson helicopters due to their incredible maneuverability and unparalleled safety record.  Our helicopters can be trailered to your site so you get the full flying time that you pay for. 

Take a look at some of our services below or contact us to discuss your particular aerial requirements.

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